Friday, August 15, 2008

Missing People and Pakistan's 61st Independence Day

Yesterday it was Pakistan's Independence Day and day before yesterday Lahore was bombarded with another suicide attack. Sadly the targeted ones were police officials and innocent civilians. But fortunately the independence day went fine the high ups danced and the rest of the nation slept peacefully as if its another Sunday. Nice way of celebrating our independence!!
One thing that keeps on bothering me is that whether you give a bribe or take one you are a sinner. Pakistan is selling its people but who the hell is buying them?? The way they have treated Dr. Afia and so many others is such a sad state of affairs. It just makes you heart boil and your blood pressure rise but that's all that a simple house wife like me can do. And yes I can pray for them and feel their pain and understand not fully obviously but somewhat their misery.
Where are all the Human Rights activists?
Check out these links for more information and you will know what we are going through while the others are ensuring their safety!!1

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