Friday, September 26, 2008

Beloved President Zardari and Sarah Palin

Check out the conversation between Sarah Palin and Mr. Zardari

Remember Zardari Sahab is in so called MOURNING as he himself said after BB's death that for me its "mourning for lifetime". If I loose someone that close I dont know if I will ever smile again but the smile on his face is there forever!Shame on him and more shame on us for having him as a president. I dont know why our people are such big fools.

I am so cross at Imran Khan for not participating in these elections as I am sure many people would have given him votes this time. If not all atleast he speaks the TRUTH. The option we were given was to choose between Nawaz Sharif and Zardari. I for one chose Nawaz because he was better that Zardari but our nation and media alike were so much affected by the BB's loss that all their past doings seem right so what are we crying about now!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Marriott Blast-Another blast, Another day of survival

Islamabad has been hit again. Typing "Islamabad Blast" on Google resulted in so many older blasts that has struck Islamabad recently and all I could do was thank Allah that my family was not amongst the victims.

Its so tragic to see that how much helpless we are as a nation. Even after 5 hours the Marriott Hotel building is still blazing with fire. We are looking up to America to give us Fighter jets..HELLOOO!! We need a decent fire engine as so many of our major cities are on fire and every time the authorities fail to control it! The TV reporters were telling that the poor firemen do not even have protective clothing and are in fact dressed in plain clothes.

As usual no helpline is set up to make matters worse for the affected families. They have to rush from one hospital to another to know the where abouts of their loved ones.
The instant there is such news, all you can do is call up your acquaintances and once assured that they are safe sit back and watch news on TV. YES, its sad but true that we have become so immune to these blasts.

And obviously once again our high officials would say that a committee will be formed and will submit its unpublished useless report with in a week. There will be no change in our policy as militants have to be dealt with force but our beloved AMERICA with peace. Pakistan Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar, said that no Muslim would do such a thing. All I could say is no Muslim would do what our President did when his wife was Prime minister!

God save Pakistan and Pakistanis!!